It’s time once again, 30 day juice fast time…

It’s been 26 days on the juice fast, in a 26 day period last year I might of consumed about 16 pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, that’s about 3 lattes a week. A grande pumpkin spice latte is 330 calories so that would have been 5280 calories

I love the change of season, fall is my favorite time of year, too bad i can’t put a carmel apple in the juicer

When i first watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead i couldn’t even imagine doing a juice fast for 60 days, but after two weeks it became easy and i decided to go for 30 days, now that the 30 day mark is 9 days away, 60 days is looking awfully easy

Day 21 of the food fast, problems : (

So yesterday and today i made an attempt to eat some food that is other than fruits and vegetables. Yesterday i ate a small gluten free pancake, and it made me feel sick. Today i ate two potato pancakes, and it made me feel sick. Obviously when you finish a juice fast your supposed to gradually move back into healthy cooked foods. I’m not finished the juice fast but my eating of pancakes both in the regular and potato forms was an experiment. After eating the carbs i felt weighed down, tired, and sluggish, and not to mention it sick. I wont’ be eating any more pancakes for quite a while, this little experiment will hopefully remind me to stay on track for the next 9 days. 

21 days into the juice fast, stay tuned because i’ll be posting a video soon on how to open up a coconut

Day 19 of the juice fast

There’s really nothing to complain about, i feel great

Just made the best smoothie! So good i had to blog about it

So i just made the best smoothie, it tasted so good. It was a berry banana coconut milk smoothie. The recipe was,

365 Frozen Berry Mix

So Delicious brand unsweetened coconut milk (which is dairy free!)

365 Raw Honey

A little cold water

And one ripe banana

down ten pounds